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14 Day Online Sugar Detox Challenge

Floriane Letulle - 14-day-sugar-detox-challenge


You know that sugar is bad for you.

In fact, it is hard to ignore it as it is EVERYWHERE at the moment.

Sugar is compared to cocaine.

But still, you find it hard to move away from it.

You would like to do something about it.

You have put it somewhere in a corner of your mind with the intention of handling it "someday".

The temptation is there, though. Every single day. There is sugary food everywhere, all the time.

SOMEDAY is pushed further everyday. Not only there is temptation everywhere but also sugar is so present in our culture. You will see, as you start saying NO to refined sugar foods ... people will ask you WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

DETERMINATION is necessary.


You will find it here during the challenge.

This challenge is not about making you feel GUILTY and ASHAMED of your eating habits.

No - it is about inviting you to WANT something BETTER for yourself.

I want you to REALISE that you are worth MORE.

What you put inside your body MATTERS because YOU MATTER!

So, this challenge is to help you take action.

SOMEDAY becomes NOW.

So that you can live a life of health and wellness.

So that you no longer rely on sugar to feel alive. So that you find other ways to find confort and love towards yourself & others.

This challenge is NOT JUST about sugar.

It is about having a look at what sugar is preventing you from achieving in life ... unlocking it to help you BE YOU some more so that you can LIVE THE LIFE YOUR ARE MEANT TO LIVE!

I cannot wait to begin!

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am having fun putting it together!

And... what have you got to lose? 


Later Event: April 22
Workshop: Nourish 360°!